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1960, With Larry Gordon 2012, Current
"Who exactly is Floyd Smith?"

Well, I'm an ole surfer and surfboard maker who helped pioneer the modern foam longboards, surfboards in the 1950's. Made my first surfboards in 1955 (Balsa Chunks) and along with Larry Gordon, founded G&S in '59 in San Diego."

I started Gordon & Smith Surfboard's in Sydney Australia in 1965 and was a major player in the surfboard industry thru 1985. I have ran a carpentry business for the past 20 years and have done long boards part time here in the northern California, Santa Cruz area, but due to increased demand we are doing surfboards full time along with related surf items and products.

I've surfed all around the world and have been in the surf business for over 50 years. I have maintained the highest levels of honesty and integrity in all areas.

Thanks for the inquiry and please email me for any questions you might have. I'll personally answer you.

Floyd Smith
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